Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Why Doesn't Socialism Work in a Free Society?

An American president can't always do everything he promises. But something’s wrong when he promises to take the country in a direction that has brought other countries to their knees and took them out of world power.

Some voters may be too young to know Socialism doesn't work, or have never traveled to see what happens to countries when the goal is “redistribution of wealth” (there’s a new movement here in America to rename it “equal money”).
Taking money away from those we call “rich” to redistribute to those we call “poor” or “less fortunate” never works. It's a known tactic by leaders who take over governments and make empty promises to “benefit the broader good” of the nation.
World history proves that the money taken from wealthy individuals and companies never gets redistributed to the common citizens. It gets used to make government officials into fat, greedy tyrants with gold palaces who couldn't care less how the person on the street is living.

Then, the government brings independently owned companies under their thumb, and puts government people in charge. Again, the money never reaches the bourgeois – the common people.

Why does this happen? Because, ever since Eve ate the apple, man has had the fault of being corruptible. And nothing corrupts better than the love of money and power. We need only look at Marx, Stalin, Lenin and Hitler for proof of this. If these types of leaders don't force their way in, they are voted in by people who want the government to take care of everything. They are voted in by people who want "Change."

When the government plays Robin Hood without making good on their promises, this causes further oppression. Because of this process, there are then no wealthy people or successful companies that can hire people and non-working people can't buy stuff. Do you think you’ll have the job you want? Think again.

Under socialism, it is dictated what jobs are available (heard the term “shovel ready jobs” from the White House lately?) The government even runs grocery stores and schools, telling people what they can eat. The citizens are told how much money they can make before being penalized. Sound familiar?

President Obama criticizes capitalism’s “trickle down” economy – letting big business have tax breaks in order to have a healthy economy. But higher taxes for companies will be passed on to consumers – thereby just a different “trickle down effect.” Here’s an article at Economist’s Journey to Life that explains this process. Reality Jolt: Higher Company Tax = Higher Customer Prices and Less Energetic Economy!
Is Republican Mitt Romney rich? Yes, but aren’t many of our richest legislators, sports stars and movie celebrities solid Democrats? Recently, actor George Clooney held a $40,000 per person celebrity fundraiser for President Obama (Daily Caller, June 25). Clooney needed “rich people” to pay that.

Bernard Goldberg, usually a journalist for left-leaning TV outlets CBS and HBO, is author of the recent book Bias. He admits his experiences as part of the liberal media’s prejudice against conservatives. Now a news analyst, Goldberg speaks against Obama’s higher taxes for the wealthy, stating: “It’s estimated that a tax on top wage earners would bring in about $85 billion a year. But the federal government spends about $85 billion every eight and a half days” (bernardgoldberg.com, July 9).  

If increasing taxes for the top “wealthiest” Americans (by Obama’s measure, those with $250,000 per year or more) sustains the government for only eight and a half days, then what? Do we next take from people who have $50,000? Or $30,000?
Is your income next for higher taxes? See Socialism's failure further explained in this University of Michigan paper.


quietspirit October 11, 2012 at 9:27 PM  

Very interesting article from the U of M.

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