Thursday, December 13, 2012

Election Afterthoughts: People are Still Wondering, What's Next?

Although I haven't had a chance to write here since before the November Election, it appears I'm not too late to run with some election afterthoughts.

Many Americans are still scratching their heads over the outcome. Others don't care - because they didn't bother voting. After all, we only had the President and a guy whom some called "just the lesser of two evils" to choose from.

What's going to happen with the economy? What health benefits and how many tax dollars is Obamacare going to cost us? Is real persecution coming to America against those who believe in the God of the Torah and the Bible, like in other countries?

With 10 million less people voting for President Obama than last time, we will always wonder if the results could have been different, had 3 million other 2008 voters not stayed home this time. McCain voters plus a slew of Christians and conservatives didn't bother taking advantage of a great American privilege - the right to vote.

In some other countries, people risk their lives to get to their voting places even when they know it won't be a fair election. But not Americans... with all our rights, choices, privileges and freedoms - that we say we fight so hard for - this one goes largely ignored. Especially by the "Bible-based" community.

That's one reason why America is in this precarious position of economic failure, hatred for God and moral corruption. Here are several others:

-Thousands of good people don't run for office because they know they'll be ripped to shreds by the press. Sometimes the media loves attacking candidates from both sides. But sometimes, there's a double standard. For example, we were supposed to remember that George W. Bush drank a lot 30 years ago, but we were supposed to forget all the shady friends and associates Obama had only a couple years before he ran for his first term.

-Christians shouldn't blame "sinners and pagans" for election outcomes we don't like. The blame belongs to the last three decades of Christian least half of them! We've reached this point because many Christians have "always voted Democratic" or "always voted Republican" regardless what a candidate stands for. Since I found the Lord in 1987 and He began opening my eyes to the degradation of our society, I've been shocked that about 50 percent of the people at every church I've been in proudly boast that they "vote such-and-such party just because they always have." Head-in-sand syndrome. Doesn't matter what values the candidates represent.

(And, I dare to say, as a Jewish believer in Jesus, I have no idea how the Jewish-American community became so liberal as to have 68 percent still vote for a man who despises and disregards Israel and the Scriptures as much as this president).

-The final reason could be that we are simply moving toward all prophecy being fulfilled. Yes, each generation feels they're living in the end times. But never has there been such a close parallel between biblical verses such as those in Matthew 24 and 2 Timothy 3 as the events occurring today.

Of course, we should continue praying for a miraculous anointing of the Spirit to reign down on our President and all other officials so that our country turns around once more... and for more people with Judeo-Christian values to seek the truth.

But, would it be so bad if God was doing his final work in order to bring more people to Him before Christ's return? As the Word says, the Lord won't return until the fullness of "Gentiles" has come in, and more Jewish people open their eyes to the true Messiah (Romans 11:20-27, for example). We may need to come to the end of hope for this to happen. Let's add that to our prayers and ponderings.
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