Thursday, September 27, 2012

Thanks to a Writer Friend for Recognition

I'm very late in thanking my writing friend, Cecelia Lester, for including me in her August presentations of the Liebster Award to some fellow writers.

The 'Liebster Award' won't be found on grandstands or in major news; but is simply recognition from one writer to another for what the giver of the Award considers outstanding and memorable blogs or website posts. It seems to have originated with someone in Germany, and took off from there.

Thanks, Cecelia! Your blogsite, Following My King and great website, Quiet Spirit are also a blessing. Thanks for standing for the Word of God and sending it out to others. Consider this my 'Liebster Award' to you.

If anyone is interested in using the Award process for your post-happy friends, you can find the rules here at the page of Cecelia's Award post. And while you're there, read some of her other writings!

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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Pre-Election Economics 101: The President's Strange Ideas on Wealth

President Obama speaks out often against rich people and would like us to believe most are Republican.

However, many of Hollywood's wealthiest celebrities are liberals supporting the Democratic party. These actors make an average of $15 million a movie for just a few months' work. The President isn't turning away their support. In fact, they were trotted out at the Democratic National Convention (DNC) in a ratio of about 2:1 to the number of celebrities at the RNC.

In liberal journalist Ed Klein's book, The Amateur: Barack Obama in the White House, Klein cites from documented evidence: Obama's own net wealth is quoted as being approximately 10.5 million (p. 41). Michelle Obama once had a job at the University of Chicago Medical Center making $317,000 a year – a job she got through the guy who processed the Obama home mortgage, a house worth around $1.3 million (p. 117; see more from Klein’s book at my recap here).

GOP Candidate Mitt Romney gave $4 million ($4,000,000) to charities in 2011 (19% of his income) and claimed only half that, thereby getting only half the tax credit he could have taken. President Obama gave just 5% of his income to charity for the same period ($137,622; statistics here).

And Obama's Vice President, Joe Biden, has given less than 0.3% of his income each year for the last decade. Here's a record comparing more Dems & GOP.
President Obama says the capitalist idea of “trickle down economy” doesn’t work. By this, he means lower taxes for “rich people” and small businesses doesn’t create a better economy. But when he raises their taxes, the business owners will in turn raise customers' prices and fire some employees to make up the difference so they can keep their doors open. Consequently, goods will be more expensive and more people will be out of work. How’s that for “trickle down effects?”
Journalist Mortimer Zuckerman writes for U.S. News & World Report, a mainstream publication. He can’t be classified as a “conservative right-winger.” In a U.S. News article, he says Romney words things poorly and isn’t using Obama’s missteps to his advantage. But, Zuckerman says, (paraphrased):
-The Obama campaign is dishonest, divisive and discouraging to the entrepreneur spirit; Obama doesn’t unite the country to fix the economy; and that it’s outrageous for Obama to say people earning $250,000 a year are un-American. Zuckerman follows this by saying shame on people if they don’t try to make this kind of money.-
We are expected to believe that President Obama's childhood mentoring in a country other than America didn't matter; it didn't form the ideas he has today about capitalism vs. socialistic ideology.
But keep in mind; in every other situation - be it criminals blaming their awful childhood for their crimes, or people who say their family situation held them back from success - psychiatrists do expect us to believe that our childhood is what molds us and makes us who we are. It's the formative years that count, so they say.
Stay tuned: Pre-Election Economics 102 will be on Why Socialism Doesn't Work.
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Thursday, September 13, 2012


We'll get to 2012 in a minute, but first...

On U.S. Election Day 2008, some people who had just voted for then-candidate Obama volunteered to sit down and answer a list of political questions. More than two-thirds of them answered nearly every question incorrectly or with an “I don’t know.”
For example, they didn’t know who these leaders of their Democrat party were: Nancy Pelosi (at that time House Democratic Leader), and Harry Reid (Senate Majority Leader). They either couldn’t identify them by name, or couldn’t answer who they were when given their names. Not so bad...not everyone knows this stuff, huh?

But they sure knew Sarah Palin...Invariably, these Obama voters answered “Sarah Palin” to nearly every negative question asked.

Like this one: "Who said they could see Russia from their house?" The Obama voters answered, “Sarah Palin.”
False. This was only said by actress/comedian Tina Fey during a spoof of Palin on Saturday Night Live. On ABC News in 2008, Palin’s actual statement was that “Russia can be seen from an island in Alaska," which is an accurate statement. There is an island belonging to Russia that sits just over 2 miles away from Alaska.

(See a full video of the Obama voter interviews here at YouTube. In fact, reports, the word got out that their political intelligence was so lacking back then, that Obama aides refused to allow reporters to interview rally attendees this past August.)

Now, moving on to the upcoming 2012 election, How Much Do You Know that could help you decide if Obama should get a second term?

True or False: Republicans currently in Congress refuse to work with Democrats.
False in many instances. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D) has consistently blocked Republican-written House bills from even being considered in the Senate, let alone voted on, for much of Obama’s first term. Recent examples can be found in a list by House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R).
True or False: President Obama hasn’t been able to accomplish most of his goals because the House has been controlled by Republicans throughout his first term.
False. Democrats controlled the House in 2008-2010. Obama had the chance to pass many of his intended items, but concentrated on getting Obamacare passed and didn’t attempt to correct Pelosi when she asked people to pass it now and read it later. Democrats passed it with 0 Republican votes.
These two instances together, where President Obama doesn’t even slap the hand of Pelosi or Reid, also contradicts Michelle Obama’s DNC statement, “My husband is a uniter.”  

After the 2006 senatorial election, the Democrats had control of both House and Senate under G.W. Bush. The budget Obama "inherited" was passed with the help of Democratic votes.  

True or False: Unemployment as of August 2012 was down to 8.1% and jobs are getting better.

False. On August 30, the Labor Dept stated that the only reason reported unemployment figures are down is because people have simply stopped looking for work, or their unemployment ran out and they've dropped from the record.

Also, low-wage jobs are replacing mid-wage jobs lost in the last couple of years; and people can’t move to where better jobs are because they can’t sell their houses at the loss they would currently be taking. (Actual Labor Dept source: in a series of Sept., 2012 trend surveys)

True or False: Speaking at the DNC, actress Eva Longoria stated people making as much money as she is in Hollywood don’t need to worry if taxes are raised for them.. that it’s the middle class who really need the tax cuts.

True. But only because of this: People making such large amounts of money as those in Hollywood can open multiple restaurants (like Longoria’s "Beso" chain in both L.A. and Vegas) or buy extra houses. Then their lawyers can find them other ways to save money if they lose their investments on these tax shelters. Most of us don’t have the luxury of other tax loopholes.

True or False: Obama has stated he’s visited all 50 of the United States.
False. Actually, President Obama has said he’s visited 57 of the states…with one left to go. According to (with video), the Obama administration later used the excuse that he was thinking of the 57 Islamic States in the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC), and he was just tired. However, “mainstream” media would have feasted on this for weeks if such a mistake had been made by a Republican candidate.
It’s now notable that after visiting every Islamic-run country, Obama has still never visited Israel. And I'm not sure about the 58th state in America.

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