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Author's Corner: "In Plain Sight" by Marlayne Giron

Author Marlayne Giron is a Messianic Jewish believer, like myself. She came to faith in Jesus in 1977 by watching Franco Zefferelli’s movie “Jesus of Nazareth” on television. In 1982, she was inspired to write her first book, The Victor, A Tale of Betrayal, Love and Sacrifice, a medieval adventure/romance novel with biblical parallels (see my review of that book here). Today, I’m asking her about her newer book, In Plain Sight 

In Plain Sight is a mixture of Amish fiction/romance and the paranormal. How did you ever get the idea to blend the two?
I was challenged by my agent to write an Amish fiction. It’s currently the hottest-selling genre in inspirational fiction. I had always wondered what the big deal was with Amish romance/suspense, and even sat in on a Writer’s workshop on how popular the “buggy and bonnet” novels were. Jeff Gerke, the editor of Marcher Lord Press, said that he wasn’t interested in publishing that kind of book unless it was something different like “Amish Vampires from Outer Space” (said tongue-in-cheek)...

So when I got the challenge to write an Amish fiction, it was Gerke’s workshop comment that sprung to mind. I decided that if I was going to write Amish fiction, I wanted to write something completely unique and different. I was also inspired by author Stephanie Meyer’s The Host, M. Night Shymalan’s Signs, C.S. Lewis’ Space Trilogy and even a smattering of Romeo and Juliet. 

How’s this book different from other Amish fiction?
It not only asks several “what if” questions, like how would the Amish react if crop circles and strange lights began showing up on their farms? Greater things are at stake beside a regular Amish shunning; the romance between the two main characters is not only frowned upon, but might also be a transgression of the highest order by the brothers who come from another world. Without giving away plot spoilers, the Garden of Eden comes to mind…and there is a “Jewish” surprise on the last page. 

You’re a native Californian; have you had any interaction with the Amish?
I have visited Lancaster County in Pennsylvania three times. I own a custom-made Amish quilt made for me by Ruth Esh (a name I use in the book), who hosted us and other tourists for dinner in her farmhouse 18 years ago. 

Do you think you could ever live as the Amish do?
To be honest; no. There is much to desire in the Amish lifestyle but it is also very hard, like no air conditioning or music allowed. A Mennonite woman once told me most Amish fiction has glamorized the life beyond the point of being realistic. 

How to get a copy of In Plain Sight:
First watch a trailer here at YouTube! Then, it’s available in both paperback and for all-e-readers through Amazon. If anyone wants a personally autographed copy they can purchase it through Marlayne’s blog where she interviews other indie authors and posts on current events, or email: She takes ATM or credit cards. 

More about Marlayne:
Marlayne’s been married to the love of her life, Michael, since 1986 and is the mother of an adopted daughter. The Victor, available in paperback and e-reader, was inspired by a line in an Amy Grant song. Years later, Marlayne got to meet Grant in person with a copy of the book in hand! 

She also does book trailers for other authors, so if you need one check out her work at this Facebook link – and she's written one more book, Make a Wish, Stories Written for Real People Where they are the Star, available only in paperback.

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Twitter: @thevictorbook

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