Wednesday, October 24, 2012

What Really Happened with God at the 2012 Democratic Convention?

For the purpose of this post, let’s be sure we know that a political party’s “platform” isn’t just the thing that’s built for speakers to stand on at the Conventions! I was surprised in talking with several people who had no idea what a “party platform” is.

A party’s platform is the document that states what they represent, and what ideas and ideals will be the foundation of a candidate’s term in office.

As an article at CBN News stated: In 2004, the Democratic platform mentioned God seven times in relationship to the rights and capabilities of Americans. In 2008 God was mentioned once, about everyone having a chance to “make the most of their God-given potential.”

This year, prior to the Convention, the Democratic platform made no mention of God. Instead it said “each one of us should be able to go as far as our talent and drive take us.”

The document also refused to call Jerusalem the capital of Israel (many leftists and liberals feel it is the capital of what should be Palestine).

Concerned individuals and religious groups called the media’s attention to the fact that there was no mention of God. President Obama started getting questions and pressure from all sides and even members of his own party.

This pressure is probably the one and only reason he sent Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa out onto the podium that Wednesday night at the DNC to “take a vote” of the delegates to see who wanted God (and Jerusalem) re-inserted back in the party’s platform.

The vote should be remembered as a disastrous moment for the Democratic Party (quick, see the video here before it’s suspiciously taken down like many other copies). NOTE: The first vote in the video is just a vote to allow the re-insertion amendment to be read. Keep listening for the vote to actually put God back in the party’s document.

After having the re-insertion amendment read for the attendees, Villaraigosa took three votes about whether to accept the amendment putting God back in the platform. The first two times, the Yeas and Nays were about even. He couldn’t get a reliable “Yes” for God. There were, in fact, many adamant “Boos” against God. After the second time, Villaraigosa didn’t know what to do. He looked around; a lady stepped forward and told him something, so he asked the room again.

The third time, it is discernable in the video that the “Nays” actually outweighed the “Yeas.” But Villaraigosa said “OK, in the opinion of the chair, two-thirds of the vote is in the affirmative.” There was again loud booing.

It was obvious he’d been given instructions to accept the amendment before a vote was ever taken. The Obama administration refused to lose face by letting the Nays have it. After that night, various Democrats began saying they ‘couldn’t let the citizens believe the party didn’t care about God.’

Any Christian or Jewish person who saw the event or sees this video should have trouble continuing to identify with the Democratic party, or at least with this particular White House that took God out of the document.

Hebrew Scriptures:

Joshua 24:15: “…As for me and my household, we will serve the LORD.”

Ezra 9:1: “The priests and the Levites have not kept themselves separate from the neighboring peoples with their detestable practices…”

New Testament:

Ephesians 5:11: “Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them.”

1 John 1:6
“If we claim to have fellowship with him and yet walk in the darkness, we lie and do not live out the truth.”

The 2012 Democratic platform now has one mention of God re-inserted. All evidence of the previous version is gone.

The 2012 Republican platform contains 12 references to God or various words like Divine Providence.

Mitt Romney may not believe in Jesus exactly the way Catholics and Protestants do, but he doesn’t boo God. He stands more for Godly values than our current president.

You’ve seen how a government without God is taking our nation downward instead of upward toward new success. What about your own success? Does it depend on God or worldly things? See my pocket-size Devotional, “God Am I Nobody?” in the near right column.

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quietspirit October 24, 2012 at 4:57 PM  

The video is very enlightening. Thank you for sharing it.

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