Tuesday, October 30, 2012

More Credible Authors' books about President Obama - Part 1

I read Dinesh D’Souza’s bestselling book, Obama’s America: Unmaking the American Dream, and now can't decide which is more compelling - the book, or his acclaimed movie, “2016.”

D’Souza is a political analyst who was born and raised through his teen years in Mumbai, India. He came to America for college. Today, he’s considered one of America’s top political thinkers and has had articles in most mainstream magazines.
In “2016,” D’Souza says he got a stark eye-opener to find people in America living in-between the very wealthy and the very poor. In most communities in India’s caste system, there was no such thing as a middle class, and no way out of poverty unless you went elsewhere. 
He says Americans don’t realize what we have here. Although capitalism’s not perfect, it’s better than the alternatives. Our poor people are considered “rich” by most dictators’ standards. So imagine how much worse it could get.
“2016” then explores how Barack Obama was raised, and how he attained the philosophies he has carried into the White House about America being not much more than a “bully” to other countries, and about the “redistribution of wealth” – a tactic often employed in socialism and communism.
D’Souza says, through his life experience, wealth redistribution does only one thing – strips the wealthy families and makes the government rich. The money never trickles down to poor people…the system only ends up making more people poor. While government officials & royalty live in luxury, the poor continue to suffer.     
(My own perfect example of this - President and First Lady Marcos of the Philippines. For those unfamiliar, “President” Marcos stopped elections, became a dictator, and usurped the wealth of his country by notoriously spending government money with his wife.)
“2016” delves into Obama’s upbringing in Hawaii. His mother was influenced by his father with communist ideas. She rejected her second husband’s belief in free enterprise and wanted Obama mentored with anti-colonialist (we’d call it anti-establishment) ideas. So she put him under the mentoring of Frank Marshall Davis, a card-carrying member of the Communist party. Usually, psychologists will tell us we become what we learned in our formative years. Criminals even blame their childhoods for their crimes. Yet, we are asked to ignore what Obama learned during his upbringing. 
Back to D’Souza’s book… In “Obama’s America,” D’Souza says that although there are problems in both major political parties, it is obvious to insiders that Obama has no desire to keep America a Number One nation (p. 7).
There is evidence that Obama argues with black community leaders over black issues like inner-city poverty (p. 23). Even Democratic Rep Maxine Waters (whom I’m sure will nevertheless vote for Obama again) has said black families are still hurting and the president doesn’t maintain a high visibility in poor black communities (p. 23,24).
Obama’s policies, described throughout, promote reduction of America’s access to energy at home (p.138) while granting money and access to at least three other countries to drill off our shores (p. 139).
D’Souza’s interviews and research prove the president deliberately increases the debt in order to shrink America’s world power because he considers America to be an oppressor (p. 190).
Very little of Obama’s questionable activities and associates described by D’Souza are reported by mainstream media (p.209).
To make a long story short, the book confirms, through harrowing insider experiences and interviews, much of what conservative news sources report. But all of it is poo-pooed by more liberal news stations and Democratic politicians who never bothered to properly vet the president.
People will say D’Souza is a far-right conservative. But I’ve previously recapped a book by a very liberal reporter that backs up much of D'Souza's findings: Ed Klein’s The Amateur: Barack Obama in the White House.
And there is yet another, by a young financial banking insider who admits being extremely liberal and completely taken in by Obama in the 2008 election. Shawn Smeltz says all that has changed for him; his eyes have been opened by the last four years. See this in Part 2.
(This writer has not received any compensation or recognition for reviewing the books mentioned herein.)


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