Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Masturbate Every Day! British Government Tells Teens

‘Masturbate every day’ is the advice given to British teens in a new pamphlet called “Pleasure.” The pamphlet was recently distributed by a Northern England branch of British government to parents, teenagers, teachers and youth workers, without warning and without asking parental consent. The theory is that if every teenager masturbates their way to orgasm regularly, they will delay having sex with someone else.

Now, we all know that people of pretty much any age over ten usually discover masturbation at some time or another. Even the Bible doesn’t address masturbation directly. But parents weren’t warned or asked before this pamphlet went out. This shows government disrespect for parental teaching at home and for families’ religious and cultural backgrounds. ABC News and the Huffington Post report that many within that U.K. community are raising questions against this government intrusion.

Granted, many parents avoid talking about masturbation and other sex with their children. But statistics prove that the last three decades of teaching kids more about sex in schoolroom settings hasn’t kept their curiosity down. Kids have become more likely, not less, to experiment with all varieties of sex.

A 1986 poll for Planned Parenthood by Louis Harris & Associates states:
"The truth is, Planned Parenthood's sex education programs have backfired, actually increasing teen pregnancies…teens who have taken comprehensive sex education courses have a fifty percent higher rate of sexual activity than their 'unenlightened' peers."

In 1989, Adams High School in Commerce City, Colorado became the first school in the United States to distribute free condoms on campus. Within three years, the birth rate among girls at Adams increased to 31 percent above the national average.

Our sex education systems here in the U.S. and in the U.K. are, unfortunately, based on research by Alfred Kinsey, who “discovered” that children are sexually prone and even babies can have orgasms. His methods of collecting this “information” are legally and morally questionable. But he is still the sex educator’s hero.

There are many old wives’ tales that simply aren’t true about the harmful effects of masturbation, like going blind. However, according to current information on the WebMD website, constant masturbation can limit a person’s capacity to achieve satisfaction with other sexual partners. A person often learns to stimulate themselves in ways their partners cannot.

Masturbation can become an obsession, as illustrated at Medhelp.org, where questions and comments are displayed from people seeking help for depression due to obsessive masturbation.

All this evidence may justify the Bible’s many verses in both the Old and New Testament about fleeing from lustful temptations and saving oneself for marriage.

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April Lorier August 21, 2009 at 6:11 PM  

Oh those Brits. You'd think from saner actions would come from such stuffed shirts. It's pretty bad when the Huffinton Post comes out against the pamphlet! Whoa!

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