Thursday, March 29, 2012

Authors Corner: "The Ramifications of Our Salvation" by John Rataczak

John Rataczak has a heart to reach people with the Gospel, and to bring a deeper appreciation of God’s gift to those who’ve already experienced His saving grace. To this end, he’s written a book called The Ramifications of Our Salvation.

Q: John, what inspired you to write "The Ramifications of Our Salvation?"
A: After teaching in three Christian colleges, I felt the Lord leading me to enter a pastoral ministry.  There was no doubt about what to preach the first Sunday because it was Easter…but the next day, I asked myself, "Now what?" I had never pastored before!

God's answer came two-fold: First, preach the doctrine of salvation until you understand the needs of the people. And second, visit people.

So I came up with a series of doctrinal sermons entitled "The Ramifications of Our Salvation." Since that day, through pastoring and preaching to fill many pulpits, I’ve discovered that churches are full of people who know they are saved; but they know very little about the biblical “ramification” of being born again [how it affects them, their lives]. That’s my reason for writing the book.
Q: Does the book explain “salvation”?
A: It explains salvation from eternity past (how God planned it) to eternity future (heaven). It has thirty-five short chapters, explaining everything from propitiation* to justification; four quizzes, a final exam, and an answer key at the end.

*(propitiation = how Jesus’ blood reconciles sinners with God)

Q: Can anyone grasp the concept? A: The book is intended for all believers old enough to know they're genuinely saved. Everyone from young people in junior high to older saints in their 80s can read and benefit from it. The book can be used in small group Bible studies, personal devotions, discipleship training, or Sunday School classes. And there’s an invitation for unbelievers to learn how to accept the Lord in the final chapter.

Believers will come away with a much better appreciation of the salvation God provided for us when Christ died on the cross. 

John is the founder and sole proprietor of Eleutheros Books, through which he published The Ramifications of Our Salvation. See a preview or buy the book at the Eleutheros website, or at in paperback or Kindle.

A little more about John: He became involved in full time Christian work while at Bob Jones University. He has a B.A. in Bible, an M.A. in Pastoral Studies, and a Ph.D. in New Testament Text, and has taught Greek and Hebrew along with classes in theology, apologetics, church history and more. But he adds sports to his background beside education - he’s been a soccer coach in two ministries.

“I’m also a proud father to two sons, and I love studying the Word and winning lost folks to Christ,” he says.

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