Saturday, February 11, 2012

Author's Corner: "When Superheroes Fall" by Sandee Lester

Sandee Lester is the author of When Superheroes Fall. It’s based on her experience with the roller coaster of life and marriage. Sandee tells a little about why she wrote the book:

"I was in a singing group that went to sing for Air Force troops in Korea, where Rick Lester was a pilot. When we met, Rick was dressed as Superman, and my nickname in the group was Wonder Woman. We clicked, and felt destined to share our lives.”

But, Sandee recalls, “Seven years into marriage and two children later, we were in trouble. With a successful career in the Air Force, Rick’s life revolved around his job. I struggled with military living, away from family and friends, and raising the kids...

...After mishandling our marriage, we discovered the power of God’s healing for our situation. Now we want to help others.”

The foundation of the traditional family is being devastated by divorce and political attacks today. Whether your marriage is great, or it’s on rocky ground, or you’re just engaged to be married, it’s good to look for ways to improve.

Rick and Sandee offer hope for better marriages through a deeper relationship with God, like they found – and the belief in Jesus’ death and resurrection so that we could have hope, grace and eternal life.

They counsel couples, hold marriage seminars and teach classes to supply tools necessary for a successful marriage, through their Resurrection Power Marriage Ministry.

Sandee hopes her book, When Superheroes Fall, will also benefit people. The chapters cover a multitude of common challenges – baby problems, house envy, falling in and out of love – and learning to weather the storm.  

“Actually, the book came before the ministry,” says Sandee. “It started as a cathartic exercise for our own marriage, but after we saw how it was transforming us, we wanted to spread the word.”

Is your marriage in quicksand? Or do you just want to defy the statistics and run for the finish line together? Let Sandee’s book help...she and Rick have now been married 30 years!  

To order When Superheroes Fall in paperback or e-book, go to Treble Heart Books, or download the e-book at Smashwords.

You can also hear a video of Rick and Sandee’s introduction to their marriage seminar , or check in with Sandee’s weekly marriage blog, GPS to a Joyful Marriage.

Get off the roller coaster, and be a superhero in your marriage!


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