Sunday, July 17, 2011

'Average Joe' Candidate Matthew Gerwitz - More of our exclusive interview

Matthew Gerwitz, the 2012 Presidential candidate calling himself the "average joe" contender, continued our Q&A sessions with me in the past two weeks, over at Yahoo News. He is still unaffiliated from any party, and believes our political system needs a lot of change.

In Part 2, he reveals he's a Christian pastor working three jobs to support his family. We discuss what led to his decision to enter the race, and controversial issues like politicians who manipulate the system, "homophobia" and "hate." Of the latter two, he explains why this perception of Christians is a mistaken generalization. See Part 2 here.

In Part 3, Gerwitz continues discussing his campaign. He gives his thoughts on what's right or wrong with pulling troops out of Afghanistan, and the misinterpretations of "separation of church and state." See Part 3 here.

And, if you never saw Part 1, find it here. Readers can also follow Gerwitz's campaign at his website, on Facebook, or connect with him at Twitter.  


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