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Condoms for Massachusetts Elementary School Students

This is an opinion editorial related to my exclusive Associated Content News article, Condoms for Massachusetts First Graders - Step Right Up, Kids

The Provincetown, Massachusetts’ School Board decision to give condoms to elementary school students – beginning in first grade – shows how easily school boards are influenced by the political correctness of “Children’s Rights.”

“Children’s Rights” movements started out of concern for child abuse, but have now extended to a child’s “right” to make all their own decisions. Of course, we all know that children as young as five have been around long enough to know what’s good for them. Some "children's rights" philosophies are:

-Kids don’t need to listen to their parents.
-Kids can do whatever feels good to them at any given time.
-Kids shouldn’t allow the influence of older peoples’ attitudes.
-Kids don’t need discipline.
-In fact, discipline should be avoided at every opportunity. No negatives. No criticism. We may hurt their little egos. This is why our children, when they get out into the world of jobs, can’t stand the littlest bit of critique.
-Even crazy statements like the one by Provincetown’s school superintendent stating the condoms must be distributed without parental knowledge to honor the children’s privacy.

Parents are all made out to be ogres who are going to beat and abuse their children. So kids, don’t tell your parents anything anymore. 

Thinly veiled temptations into sexual activity:
This school board decision is an example of the thinly veiled attempt to encourage children into the most dangerous sexual activity. It is a ploy invented by adults at children’s expense to sell more condoms and abortions and promote ultra-liberal sexual agendas—including the move to desensitize society to the dangers of pedophilia and child pornography. 

There is little proof that the last three decades of early sex education has prevented early pregnancy or the spread of AIDS. In fact most studies, like the ones cited in Part 1, show just the opposite. Kids who have taken sex ed courses are more likely to have sex.

The problem is, the school boards across the country are in the grips of outrageously liberal organizations who are allowed to walk in to schools to teach the kids about sex. They’ve bought the theory that kids are having sex younger and younger, and they need protection.

And why are kids having sex younger and younger? Because of early sex education in school! It’s not preventing sex…it’s encouraging it.

A 2010 Survey conducted for Seventeen Magazine, a fairly liberal teen girls’ magazine, interviewed male teens and young men 15-22 (“That’s What He Said…What Guys Think about Sex, Love, Contraception and Relationships”).

Among the things they said influenced them to experiment sexually at an early age was sex education (p. 7 of the study). More than three quarters said there is too much pressure from society to have sex (p. 3).

Carol Everett Shaw, once an owner of six abortion clinics, testified to Focus on the Family* that when she worked with Planned Parenthood, she was trained to go into public schools (in first and second grade level, sometimes even kindergarten) and begin discrediting parents to the children.  

She was trained to teach the children to make fun of the names their parents gave to sexual organs, and that parents were stupid for making up words.

Graduating to third, fourth and fifth grade, she was trained to begin influencing the children that their parents were too old-fashioned to know anything, and that it was okay to experiment sexually.

All this with the goal that Planned Parenthood explained up-front to their trainees: Have this mentality instilled in the children by age 13. If more girls turned up pregnant, more girls will show up at our clinics for abortions.

Pray for your children and grandchildren! They're being attacked from all sides by adults who care only for their own agendas and wallets. Most school boards and school administrators are ill-informed about the various studies mentioned herein. You can get more information to help inform them. See:
Boys and Sex;  
Condoms for Massachusetts First Graders (News version);
Teens, Pre-Teens and the “Hooking Up” Culture.

*Carol Everett Interview: “Sex Education and Our Children”, Focus on the Family taped interview, Dr. James Dobson, Carol Everett and Amy Stephens, cassette tape# CS946/15536, © 1995, 1998.  

Photo: Wikimedia Commons, public domain.


Jan July 4, 2010 at 2:47 AM  

Peer pressure - ever heard of it? More to do with early sex than sex education. How about the media and its sales-at-any-price attitudes? Then there is poor sex education as opposed to good - half the story or distortions. Remember, peer impression has its own sex education, and it may have more effect than the formal stuff. The decision to supply condoms - it's not about children's rights to make a decision as to whether to have sex, it is based on a fact that some are already doing so, they have made that choice, however unwise and ill-informed. Controversial, agreed, but the common aim of both views is prevention of conception. Both elements have their own merits as well as demerits. If they care about the kids and not respective adult agendas, maybe they should "hook-up"? How full, or empty is your glass? Many kids do not indulge because they practice abstinence without any campaigning, some others indulge and practice safe sex. And I really do think you need to change your attitude if you think that those advocating access to condoms etc do not also agree that 'not doing it' is not the best course. I ave never met anyone on that side who doesn't agree, all they ask is "but what if they do for all we say"?

Sheryl Young July 4, 2010 at 9:12 PM  

Thanks for your input, Jan - I have written and researched previously on both peer pressure and hooking up - several in my older posts at this site.

Yes, peer pressure is as old as the hills, every generation has some. Howver, I can't see much chance of peer pressure to have sex in first grade. Still, peer pressure exists due to the fact that older people make steamy movies that end up rated PG, or cable TV shows that end up syndicated for younger people to see, and it is older people who also started advocating sex at younger ages. The influence comes from above.

Clay Boggess July 5, 2010 at 5:58 AM  

This is nothing more than policy makers seeking to indoctrinate their beliefs and views on impressionable young minds after first removing the threat of parental authority. Who needs parents anyway?

Sheryl Young July 5, 2010 at 6:41 AM  

Thanks, Clay. At last. Someone besides me who is willing to see what's really going on.

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