Saturday, May 29, 2010

Author's Corner: "Barriers" by Mid Stutsman

Mid Stutsman is a writer of poetry, stories, an author of books and an artist who does cover art, portraits and still life. She recovered from a path of self-destruction through the love, forgiveness and mercy of the Lord.

“When God turned my life around, my desire to create returned, and I've been blessed over and above my expectations! Now, I write to glorify the Lord and reveal His Truth to as many as I can.”

Although Mid and I are only “Internet friends,” we have so much in common. We’ve both participated in Theatre Arts and love movie versions of Jane Austen books. But most of all, we share the love of our Ultimate Friend—Jesus Christ—and we both have a heart for Israel and the Jewish people.

We’ve each written a book on the topic of relating Christians, Jews and Israel. Mine, a non-fiction (see right hand column, What Every Christian Should Know about the Jewish People) and Mid’s, Barriers, a suspense fiction.

Barriers is a controversial suspense/love story set in Israel. It follows a woman, Anne, who makes “Aliyah” (a journey back) to the Promised Land. The sequence of events weaves Arab, Jewish, and Christian characters and concerns into a compelling novel. It will impact your view of Jewish people and Arabs, and change your perspective on the conflict in the Middle East.

All the while, throughout the book, Mid gently conveys the elements of faith in God and His promise to those who believe in Him.

Never before has there been such a great need for Christians to understand Israel, the feelings of the Jewish people, and the spiritual battle in the Middle East. Mid does a great job explaining these issues at one of her websites, The Israel Connection: Understanding Israel in the context of these last days/God's End Times economy. You will find:
  • News and truths about Israel
  • Exploring Islam
  • Unveiling Israel/MidEast Prophecies
Mid has 12 children (two more in Heaven) and 10 grandchildren! She lives with her husband, Fred, in Indiana. Her full astonishing story, plus a myriad of her poetry, ponderings and posts can be found at Mids’ Point, where she often puts out little gems of thought like this: 
“When it comes to Love, there is only One who is an expert...the rest of us are just learning.”

Barriers is available through WestBow Press or can currently be purchased at, where you can have a peek inside, and other online booksellers.


Mid Stutsman June 1, 2010 at 7:53 PM  

Sheryl, you've done an amazing job of putting this together, and I feel very blessed and so special. Thank you! I hope I can do as beautiful a job on yours. Look for it soon... :)

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