Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Update: Arizona City allows In-Home Bible Studies

The city of Gilbert, Arizona is now allowing in-home Bible studies that were banned from taking place earlier this year. See 20-20 Faith Sight's first story here.

Gilbert’s Mayor John Lewis told One News Now that the town council members didn’t know about the "cease and desist" orders issued by a zoning inspector.

In addition, the Christian Post reports that Lewis expressed his commitment to religious freedom and was proud that faith-based groups and religious activities take place all around Gilbert.

Lewis said the code will probably be changed to allow in-home services, prayer meetings and Bible studies free of government intervention. The definition of “religious assembly” may be altered.

On Monday, March 22, the Council held a meeting to discuss changes to the Land Development Code which disallows religious assemblies in private homes. The Alliance Defense Fund was present to represent the Bible study leaders.

The actual Notes of that Town Council Meeting can be seen here. The notes confirm that Lewis reiterated his media-reported sentiments in the meeting; and that the sole agenda item was to revisit and begin revamping the city’s interpretation of freedom of religion assembly.

For now, all restrictions according to current statutes have been suspended. A final change is expected in June.

(Sheryl Young's posts about the Gilbert, Arizona restrictions were originally published at The Underground Online Magazine.)


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