Saturday, February 27, 2010

AUTHORS CORNER: "God's Battered Child" by April Lorier

April Lorier suffered through hellish abuse as a child. She was used as a servant in her own home and reaped only beatings and neglect. It was a generational pattern, as her mother had also been battered.

Upon entering marriage like every girl dreams of, April’s nightmare only progressed through spousal abuse. The lack of love she received, plus illnesses suffered during and as a result of the abuse, made her think she was completely unworthy of anyone’s love, let alone to be caressed by God.

But He had another design. Through all of this, she believes God sent help for her to climb out of the valley and head for the mountaintop, so she could help others. Thus, the name of her book, God’s Battered Child: Journey from Abuse to Leader.

April’s testimony before the California State Legislature helped to bring about the Mandatory Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting Law in 1974 (see some of its principles here). She's never stopped ministering to families with the problem of abuse since then, and formed a non-profit organization, C.O.P.E.—for the retraining of abusive and neglectful parents and to educate the public on these matters. She also writes tirelessly wherever she can to get the cycle of abuse noticed, prevented or stopped.

God’s Battered Child is April’s true story of defeat turned into faith and victory. Check out April’s website for the book - she would love to know you’ve heard about it. It may also be ordered here at

The writer of this 20-20 Faith Sight blog has also published a book: What Every Christian Should Know about the Jewish People. See details in right-hand column.


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