Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Political Correctness is Blurring our Vision toward Terrorism

Political correctness has people afraid to come forward with suspicions of possible terrorist attacks. The whistleblower may be accused of "profiling" while the possible perpetrator freely continues his/their plotting. Cases in point:
-The Fort Hood attack.
-The United Nation's attempt to accept an edict from the Islamic Conference against what they call "Islamophobia."
By labeling Islamophobia, the Islamic Conference may forbid people to speak out against extreme Islamic terrorism as a form of religious intolerance. The Conference implies that Westerners "hate and fear" all Muslims, which of course isn't true. No specific mention is made to prevent hatred toward Christianity, Judaism or other religions.

Interested in reading more about extreme political correctness? Come see my articles on these topics:
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Speaking out against extreme Islamic terrorism does not mean one hates or fears all Muslims. Neither should it be said that Christians hate Jewish people, but it often is. Why? Read how Israel has a right to exist and why Christians must attempt to improve the way they are perceived by Jewish people in today's world. Click on the book cover and learn how to order.


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