Thursday, October 8, 2009

Prostitution as a College Course - With Taxpayer Dollars

“The Sex Workers Art Show” is touring American colleges. Featuring self-professed prostitutes, nude dancers and pornographic film stars as "art," it's all funded with taxpayer dollars. In a National Review Online column, journalist Mona Charen states that the show has apparently appeared at the historic College of William and Mary four times already, and also toured Duke University.

William and Mary parents, alumni, students and ordinary taxpayers who found out about this were instrumental in approaching Virginia’s Congress while in session, to review the W&M school board.

This hasn’t stopped “The Sex Workers Art Show” and other erotic “educational” undertakings from entering American institutions of education. Concerned Women for America reports that Randall College—another Virginia school—recently took students to visit a brothel in Nevada and a topless show at a casino. Attendees reported that prostitution was linked to empowerment for women, with no explanation of how some women (and mere girls) are forced into prostitution and degraded by boyfriends, pimps or to support expensive drug habits.

At the Home page of “The Sex Workers Art Show,” it is apparent the program considers the oldest profession in the world to be a normal part of the service industry. After entering the site, it's obvious that the 2009 Tour page makes no bones about using the word “wh_re” to describe its performers.

Charen also cites reports about Boston University students publishing a sex-driven newspaper called Boink, and Yale students hold an event called SWAY (Sex Week at Yale) with the administration’s blessings.

The porn industry makes more money per year than all of American sports put together. From reality TV to the classroom to sex photos on their cell phones, students are bombarded with the theory that we are sexual beings who can’t have any control over our impulses. Living in a "Hooking-Up culture" (see previous post here), our kids may never know the pleasures of giving themselves to one person fully—emotionally and physically—and may be incapable of surrendering their lives to Christ as they learn that the Bible’s philosophies are outdated and insensitive to current societal needs.

Heaven forbid they should see this: “Now flee from youthful lusts and pursue righteousness, faith, love and peace, with those who call on the Lord from a pure heart” (2 Timothy 2:22, NAS).

The original version of this article is posted at The Underground Online Magazine.


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