Thursday, September 10, 2009

Teen Girls' 4Real Weekend - Music and Fun, Sex vs. Modesty

The Revolve Tour, a relatively new offshoot of the popular Women of Faith Conferences, is presenting the "4Real for Teen Girls" Weekend. It’s a time of encouragement to refresh teen girls with a sense of self-worth and fun without giving in to sex and immodesty. By gathering teen girls together in great numbers, it will also let them know: “I’m not the only one told ‘No’ to certain things by my parents!”

And just in time. Representatives from Women of Faith announced the following statistics at a recent Conference in Tampa, Florida:

-500,000 teen girls have had plastic surgery or something like liposuction in the past year. This can include anything from chemical peels to ear reductions to breast implants. Although teen girls are not yet fully developed, they’re often unhappy with their bodies according to two standards: (1) desiring the voluptuousness of oversized breasts on actresses, porn stars and major league sports team cheerleaders, or (2) wanting to appear thinner and prettier in order to match the air-brushed photos of reef-thin supermodels.

-25% of teen girls have an eating disorder due to reasons as stated above.

-79% of teen girls have had “some form” of sex. Our culture today says that nothing is “sex” unless it is penetration of the vagina. This is untrue. Acts of sex can be petting, oral sex, mutual masturbation and any other acts of arousal that may lead to actual intercourse.

-39% of teens have sent nude or semi-nude photos over their cell phones. “Reality TV shows” has made girls feel this is a normal way to show themselves to others. It may be “the norm” in our society today, but it’s not healthy, and in the end girls can lose their self-respect and pride.

-“Hooking Up” – sometimes called “Friends with Benefits” has never been more popular from middle school through college. These are casual sexual relationships taking place amongst circles of friends with no further relational commitment. In time, young people who indulge in this practice end up heartbroken and unable to form future loving intimate relationships. See more about "Hooking Up" and other dangerous teen trends here.

-Suicide is the second highest cause of death among teens, right behind traffic accidents.

At the 4Real Teen Girls Weekend, there will be contemporary Christian music, drama, and real-life stories starring real teens with insight through faith – guys too! The Tour is hitting cities all over the country from Baltimore, MD on Sept. 25-26, to Norman, OK on Dec. 11-12 (This article will probably be published too late to register for Sept. 11-12 in Columbus, OH). See all Calendar Dates and Cities, Ticket Details, or call 1-877-9-REVOLVE .

That’s Not All! Visit the Revolve Tour Website for articles like “What’s it Like to be a Teen Girl in 2009?” And “Tweet.Tweet. Do you Twitter?” or the “Ask Chad” Q&A column, giving girls advice from a responsible guy’s perspective. And girls can also see the smokin’ hot Entertainment line-up. There’s a section for Youth Leaders and Parents, too.

Hurry – Check out 4Real for Teen Girls today!

The original version of this article was published on 9/8/09 at The Underground Online Christian Magazine (


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