Monday, May 25, 2009


"Boundless Faith" explains the kind of faith that originates and exists in one's heart and mind without being able to touch or see what you believe in. From that faith springs forth the other truths in this poem.


I am strongest if you cling to me when there is nothing else left.
I don't come from believing in what the eye can see, but in what it can’t.
With just a little of me, great things can be accomplished.

I am there when you can't see your way through another day.
I develop your perseverance and character, not despair.
Skeptics may want none of me, but if you search for me you will find me.
I am HOPE.

I am often confused with lust by those searching for the real thing.
If used correctly, I will supercede mere tolerance.
I am unconditional, endless, patient, forgiving and kind.
But most of humanity has not experienced me this way.
I am LOVE.

I become most fervent when others try to suppress me.
You can take advantage of me even when you can't speak.
I will take you as you are; fancy, memorized words are not needed.
I can lighten the load.

I’m real even though some people say I am imagined.
I wish everyone could know me, but I understand some won't.
I do not belong to denominations. I belong in your heart.
I am who many say I am…I am GOD.

© Sheryl Young 2008


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